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CONFEDERATE UNDERGROUND adheres to the tenets of the New Albany Declaration, which sets forth the precise definition of a Southerner and endeavors to raise the self-awareness of the Southern people.

Bonds Between Brothers

Secession is not just for the South anymore! Ulster Nation is a nationalist movement seeking freedom from the grip of both Britain and Ireland. The Third Way-- the creation of an independent and sovereign Northern Ireland free of sectarian rivalries-- is the goal of Ulster Nation. Godspeed to the Cause of Ulster Nation!


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Lawsuit Aimed at Flag Ban

Steve Stowe is taking the town of Leeds, Alabama to court. Several years ago, city officials there refused to permit Stowe to hold a Southern heritage festival in the downtown area because some of his Confederate merchandise was considered "offensive." But Stowe refused to be run out of town. Recently, the American Civil Liberties Union took an interest in Stowe's case and has filed a $133,000 lawsuit against Leeds for denying the right to free speech.

On July 13, Stowe held the Southern festival he planned three years ago. Included in the attractions were a "Beautiful Baby" contest and a "Miss Dixie" pageant. A public debate between Confederate flag supporters and opponents was also planned, but no flag haters would accept the challenge. The Confederate flag champions who agreed to participate were Kirk Lyons of North Carolina, Charles Lunsford of Georgia, and Jim Lancuster of Alabama. Several representatives of the Southern Poverty Law Center, including Morris Dees, all declined to debate against the flag.

Confederate Flags Hauled Down in Mobile

In a gesture to serenade black voters, the mayor of Mobile ordered the removal of several Confederate flags that once flew in prominent locations around the city. Mayor Mike Dow, facing an increasingly black constituency, has opted to alienate white voters in a desperate attempt to attract black support. In all probability, he will only succeed in losing the next election.

Due to feeble resistance by the Sons of Confederate Veterans and other erstwhile "heritage" groups, Dow has intensified his purge of Confederate flags. "I'm of a mind to take them all down," Dow threatened.


A push is underway by black state legislators to abolish Confederate Flag Day in Arkansas. Though the holiday is scarcely remembered by anyone except the Sons of Confederate Veterans and the United Daughters of the Confederacy, blacks still pout that the state observance of Confederate Flag Day is offensive and insensitive.


Ole Miss Rally Leads to Racial Friction

Though the Rebel Student Union tried to avoid racial tension during a March 23 rally to show support for the Southern symbols representing Ole Miss, the black students in attendance were in no mood to cooperate.

The few blacks among the crowd of 300 students interrupted rally organizer Chris Bridgewater and guest speaker Michael Hill of the Southern League with taunts and jeers during speeches defending the "Colonel Reb" mascot and the school fight song, Dixie. Though Bridgewater tried to appease the hostile blacks by denouncing racism and repudiating the display of Confederate flags at the rally, Dr. Hill ignored the hecklers as he spoke out in defense of Southern traditions and the Confederate Cause. The crowd erupted with applause and cheers several times during Dr. Hill's speech.

Despite attempts to keep the situation calm, temper tantrums by blacks nearly provoked violence. One black student shouted "If they want a riot, let's get down to it." Other black students roamed through the crowd muttering threats and obscenities. When the White students were finally stirred to anger, the blacks dispersed or faded into the shadows.

Once the rally ended, the crowd broke up into clusters of students arguing over the issues raised during the event. Two obese yankee girls declared that supporters of Southern tradition were "trailer trash" while the blacks pouted and rehashed lame demands for more empowerment. (Ole Miss currently provides remedial education and free tuition to any black admitted to the university.)

Many of the White students seemed stunned by the hatred expressed toward the South. "Those blacks just want to kill white folks," said one student as he shook his head before walking away. Dr. Hill perhaps grasped the mood on campus most succinctly. "These kids are scared," he said.

Senator Rises to the Defense of Dixie

State Senator Mike Gunn was the guest speaker at a Confederate Memorial Day rally held April 28 on the campus of the University of Mississippi. The event, which was hosted by the United Daughters of the Confederacy, and the Council of Conservative Citizens, drew a crowd of 103 people despite predictions of bad weather.

Speaking amid the flutter of Confederate Battle Flags, Sen. Gunn directed his remarks to a recent attempt by Ole Miss Chancellor Robert Khayat to suppress Southern symbolism on campus. Khayat has engaged a New York public relations firm to review the "Colonel Reb" mascot and the fight song Dixie to determine what impact these traditional themes have on the "image" of the university. (A poll released by the Jackson Clarion Ledger indicates popular support for the symbols in the 90% range.) Khayat also banned the display of Confederate flags at fraternity houses as part of a "beautification program" on campus. Gunn declared that the symbol changes proposed for Ole Miss were part of "a national conspiracy to exterminate the vestiges of our (Southern) heritage." Gunn raised the hopes of the crowd as to the future of Southern traditions at Ole Miss. "I am here today to give you hope and help you keep your chin up." Gunn said.

What is Wrong with Colonel Reb?

One Ole Miss administrator summed up the real purpose of the image change as an effort to expand diversity. Richard Mullendore, a Student Affairs bureaucrat, stated that reminders of the Old South damage "the recruitment of blacks and quality faculty." The quality of the student body, it appears, is not a significant factor where the image of the university is concerned. Reliable sources report that black applicants to the law school are exempt from taking the LSAT test prior to admission. A passing grade on the LSAT is required of all prospective White law students. In addition, black law students are provided full scholarships and stipends to cover living expenses. Some law professors also provide class outlines to blacks thus insuring a fail-safe degree for less studious minority students.

The leftist establishment, backed by black militant groups, has pushed for years to purge the campus of Southern tradition. A racial sensitivity class called the University 101 program was initiated three years ago as a method to instill a guilt complex in White students and indoctrinate them against Southern tradition. Class instructors in force students to acknowledge the gay life-style and to accept the moral superiority to blacks. White students have even been subjected to the blatant lie that blacks score higher on I.Q. tests than whites. (In fact, blacks score 15 to 20 pointslower on I.Q. tests than whites or Asians.) A passing grade in the University 101 class is required before a student can be classified at the University.

Who Controls Ole Miss?

Behind all the glib excuses put forth to gut Ole Miss tradition crouches a political predator with close ties to the Clinton administration. Carolyn Ellis-Staton is Khayat's legal advisor and a professor of law at the university. Ellis-Staton is also a fanatic feminist and an intimate friend of Bill and Hillary. Since Ellis-Staton's arrival at Ole Miss in 1991, agitation to rid the campus of Southern identity has intensified. More importantly, Khayat has dropped hints that he may be a Democratic candidate in a future state election. Dirty politics is a family tradition for Khayat. His father, Eddie Khayat, pled no contest to corruption charges several years ago.

Civil Rights Monument to Blight Ole Miss

Expanding on the program to glamorize the devastation wrought by the integration of Ole Miss, the Center for the Study of Southern Culture has contrived to erect an edifice to the civil rights movement on campus. The university administration has guarateed $75,000 in matching funds toward the completion of the project.

The scheme was first proposed by John T. Edge, a "student" at the Center for the Study of Southern Culture, after he was moved to tears by a lecture on Martin Luther King. Edge's emotional inspiration has raised suspicions on campus regarding his true motives. The monument project was too well orchestrated to be the spontaneous mission of one man. Edge is rumored to be connected with big corporate interests in Atlanta.

Senator Launches Whirlwind Tour in Defence of Ole Miss Symbols.

Flanked by Confederate flags and surrounded by cameras and reporters, one Mississippi state legislator seemed to be everywhere at once during a statewide publicity marathon to alert Southerners that the South is under siege again.

Flying from point to point in a private plane, Sen. Mike Gunn visited four Mississippi cities in one day to deliver his message that Southern tradition is in dire peril. Of critical importance are the emblems associated with Ole Miss. At press conferences in Jackson, Meridian, Oxford, and Biloxi, Gunn launched a petition drive sponsored by the Council of Conservative Citizens to protest attempts to abolish Southern tradition at Ole Miss. To dramatize the plight of Ole Miss, Gunn's entourage included a portrayal of Robert Khayat as the Grim Reaper brandishing a sword above the neck of a prostrate Colonel Reb.

"Make no mistake...We are the victims of a nation-wide conspiracy perpetuated by the Left to exterminate any vestige of our precious Southern heritage. When Ole Miss uses my tax money to pay hate-mongers like Jonnie Cochran to speak on campus and call my Southern heritage racist, I'm offended." ," said Gunn. The Senator called for legislation which would prevent colleges and other public institutions from banning the display of Confederate flags and other symbols of Southern heritage. Gunn, a graduate of Ole Miss, also urged his fellow alumni to withold donations from the school until the administration drops plans to axe Colonel Reb.

Quote from the Pampered and the Pompous

"It's a given that the symbols will be the losers...The South simply can't function in the 21st century raising symbols of racist violence. We are now seeing the emergence of the new South...The most cherished of these, the Confederate flag, appears doomed. Such is the opposition to it that within a few years it is unlikely that the flag will fly from any public building in the South..." -Bill Ferris, Director of the Center for the Study of Southern Culture at the University of Mississippi.

Insulated from reality by the cozy sanctuary of a college campus, Mr. Ferris can't cope with the popularity of Confederate flags throughout the South and around the world. Resurgent interest in the Confederate Cause has captivated a generation soured by the fallacies of multiculturism. Young people especially embrace the Confederate flag as an emblem of reemerging Southern identity and solidarity. In fact, more Confederate flags are sold than any other flag in the world except the U.S. flag (Source: Ruffin Flag Co.). What Ferris says exposes his frustration over the resilience of Confederate symbols, not his confidence that the flags will fade from view.

Mr. Ferris' disdain for the Confederate flag amounts to whistling past the graveyard. Not the Confederate flag, but rather propaganda machines like the Center for the Study of Southern Culture are sliding towards oblivion. Ferris cannot forever justify the existence of a department which dwells on the meager achievements of blacks while ignoring the epic history of the Confederacy. (Mr. Ferris' emphasis on 'inclusion' and 'diversity' excludes the dominant episode which shaped Southern attitudes. Ferris knows that the liberal version of Southern culture cannot compete with the towering legacy of the Confederate Cause.) Due to lack of interest by Ole Miss students, the Center for the Study of Southern Culture has been plagued by debt and controversy. The Center is now the equivalent of an intellectual and educational flophouse, where student outcasts cluster to to admire each other and pout about Southerners who refuse to conform to their degenerate expectations of the South . In order to survive, the Center panhandles from virulent anti-South groups like the Southern Poverty and Law Center, headed by the notorious publicity glutton Morris Dees. The Center for the Study of Southern Culture, having become a lickspittle for Dees, can now continue its mission of deconstructing Southern identity by concocting bizarre "objective realities" to replace history and literature. The Center for the Study of Southern Culture could not continue to function without nurturing some convenient delusions. The proliferation of Battle Flags on campus and around the South is not a real phenomenon to Ferris, but instead represents some sort of mass hysteria brought on by the collapse of Southern sensibilities. Ferris and his motley collection of shade-tree intellectuals are the new species of Southerner. This new species of Southerner, however, survives only in a tenured environment.


After several years of glamorizing civil rights agitators and mumbling blues musicians, Center for the Study of Southern Culture director Bill Ferris is finally getting his pay off for perverting Southern civilization. Bill Clinton has appointed Ferris to head the National Endowment for the Humanities. No one could have recommended a more qualified person to run an outfit that spends tax dollars on lewd, tasteless, and banal projects. Of course, without the federal government or a college sanctuary, Ferris would have starved to death long time ago.

Cochran Visit Sparks Attack

In ever more brazen attempts to exaggerate the accomplishment of blacks, the University of Mississippi invited O.J. Simpson attorney Johnny Cochran to address a banquet held by the Black Law Students Association. During his speech, Cochran urged the audience to "get rid of the Rebel flags" on campus. Some of the banquet guests acted on Cochran's suggestion immediately.

Later that night, a gang of 15 blacks stormed the Rebel Barn convenience store in Oxford and destroyed the Confederate flags sold there. The attack followed an altercation between store employees and three blacks who became violent while waiting in line for service. Shortly after the blacks were chased from the store by an employee armed with a shotgun, they returned in larger numbers and tore down the small Confederate flags lining the shelves. Some of the blacks were described as wearing business suits.

Though police arrived while at least 10 of the marauders were still at the store, no arrests were made. According to witnesses, several of the black attackers were members of the Ole Miss basketball team. Since the attack, allegations have surfaced that the Ole Miss athletic department is protecting several of the suspects from prosecution. The Oxford police have refused to consider charges more serious than "disturbing the peace" in connection with the rampage.


Like most high school graduates, Doug Bogard expected his senior prom to be a memorable event. But because of the animosity of one black school official, the prom became the worst night of young Bogard's life. Doug made the mistake of showing his Southern pride in public.

After entering Woodland Hills Ball Room with his date and another couple, Doug was confronted by Bartlett High Principal , who ordered Bogard to remove the Confederate flag vest worn under his tuxedo. When Bogard refused, he was forced from the prom by two sheriff deputies acting as security guards.

During a meeting with school officials, Doug's parents were given no explanation for ejecting their son from the prom except that Principal Cothan was "offended" by the Confederate flag vest. The Southern Legal Resource Center in Black Mountain, NC, is investigating the prom incident to consider legal action against the black principal and Bartlett High School. "We're looking at this as a case of racial discrimination against Mr. Bogard," said Kirk Lyons, director of the SLRC, "His rights were certainly violated." Bartlett is a predominantly white community near Memphis.

The Southern Legal Resource Center is a legal foundation that specializes in cases involving the Confederate flag and civil rights issues pertaining to white Southerners.

The New Albany Declaration

A manifesto adopted by a conclave of Southern Patriots in New Albany, Mississippi, on October 12, 1996. A landmark document for Southerners committed to the Confederate Cause.




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"I am a concerned Southerner who is mad as hell as Southerners stand before their slave masters awaiting ethnic and cultural execution.

I firmly believe that our freedoms' days are numbered unless we mobilize our efforts. Many Southern activist organizations are fraternal and nostalgic, and while education and memorial activities are nice and proper, we must begin to unite for action." - CLC, St. Petersburg, FL

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